Swarovski crystal jewelry is always a captivating accessory. Earrings, especially, can add a certain sense of style to whatever you’re wearing. You can change up the appearance of an ensemble just by switching up your personal bling. Earrings can dress up a simple pantsuit, or even a tunic and jeans. The right kind of earrings can take 9-5 fashion out on the town without missing a beat. Truly, your earrings are remarkable little (or big!) game-changers.

Show off your favorite fashion accessory whenever you wear them. Express yourself and invite the attention of those around you when you don your always-gorgeous Swarovski crystal jewelry. Use these 5 tips to ensure you’re the bell of the ball, or the boardroom, when you sport your most valuable accessory.

1. Choose Earrings That Flatter Your Face

The shape of your face can dictate just how much your earrings will flatter and draw the right kind of attention. The right baubles can make a world of difference in your appearance. Here are some of the more common face shapes and suggestions for the right kind of earring.


Inverted triangle is characterized by a wide forehead and gently tapered chin. In order to balance your facial shape, drawing attention to your eyes, choose teardrop or chandelier styles.

Oval faces can really wear just about any style, however a simple stud, or triangular style of earring will flatter best. This is especially true for oval-shaped faces with prominent cheekbones.

Round faces are widest at the cheekbone with little to no taper toward the chin. Drop-earrings with geometric shapes are most flattering. Avoid studs or button-type earrings, and dangling circles or ball-shaped beading.

Heart shaped faces are similar to inverted triangles, but may sport a widow’s peak and a chin more pointed in appearance. This shape also benefits from teardrop or chandelier style of earring. These styles add balance to the lower part of the face, creating a symmetry.

Square faces are typically characterized by a wide chin. Try softening the angles of your face with long oval drop-earring style, or round hoops. Avoid square or rectangular earrings.

Long, narrow faces are flattered most by round drops, or cluster studs. These styles will add some fullness that you may be lacking and a lifted appearance.

2. Match Your Overall Bone Structure

Those with small, fine bone structure should choose delicate styles of Swarovski crystal earrings that complement their beauty. Large, or chunky styles overpower those with finer features and shape. Those with large stunning features and more solid bone structure can wear the bigger and more opulent style of Swarovski crystal earring. Medium bone structure will be complemented by neither delicate, nor overly-large styles. Stay with medium-length drop styles, or mid-sized studs.


3. Earrings Appropriate to The Venue

Take into account the venue in which you will be wearing your earrings. If you’re headed to the office choose something more conservative. A classic stud or understated slight drop would be appropriate. After 5:00 p.m., or for a special occasion like a holiday party or wedding, let your inner bling-goddess sparkle. Dangling chandelier earrings, heavy hoops, and drop cluster earrings let people know you’ve come to party!


4. Don’t Stray Too Far from Your Personal Style

It’s important not to stray from your personal style. You’ll find so many options in Swarovski crystals. If you lean toward the romantic favoring lacy, flouncy feminine clothing, choose a more curvy and soft-angle earring in muted colors. Dramatic gals (you know who you are) like to be noticed. Drama queens look best in geometric shaped earrings. Deep jewel-toned and angular studs or eye-catching drop-down dazzlers.


Artistic and creative types wear color well. Up your style with dangle or drop earrings in the brightest hues. For the classic gal, ultra chic hoops and studs complement your style best. If you prefer an easygoing and natural style, opt for understated earrings reflecting the colors found in nature, cool greens, muted blues, yellow, azure, and amber.

5. Complement Your Coloring

You can define your coloring as cool, warm or neutral by the tones found in your complexion. You no doubt recognize this when selecting something to wear. If you have cool undertones then peach probably isn’t your most flattering color. Take the same care in choosing your Swarovski crystal accessories as you take finding the right clothing.

For instance, if you have warm toned skin (yellow or peach undertones) then you should choose earrings in a color spectrum that includes gold, copper and honey, as well as coral and olive green. Cool toned individuals have blue or green undertones. Complement cooler tones with shades of silver, blue, violet and turquoise. Neutral gals (those who have neither blue nor yellow undertones in their complexion) look best when wearing medium blue, red or jade green.


Whether you’re cool, warm, or neutral Swarovski crystal earrings will absolutely make a statement reflecting good taste. The sparkle of Swarovski complements any style or shape. Understated or over-the-top your Swarovski crystal earrings will always add the right amount of sparkle.

What is your favorite type or shape of earrings? Did you find our tips useful or inspirational?

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