Everything we do, we believe we’re challenging the traditional online shopping and trading.
We believe we are thinking differently.

The way we challenge the traditional online shopping and trading is by making our website friendly designed and simple to use on mobiles as well as providing customized & tailor-made products based on C2B model.

We strongly believe small businesses need more help, so we care more about them. That’s why small businesses can list their products online here for FREE!

We strongly believe each individual is different, so the needs of each individual are different, that’s why we’ve offered a customized function based on customer-oriented operation philosophy.

We’re convinced that listening is key in a communication process.
We’re listening, so please tell us what you need!

C2B: Customer/Consumer to Business. Customized and tailor-made products are provided just for you! If you are not satisfied with the products provided here or if you don’t like what offers here, please tell us what exactly you need and your specific needs and demands, such as size, color, weight, usage, the purpose of buying, your budget, quantity, quality request, other requirements, and we will customized design and tailor-made produce just for you! Please click ⌈Contact Seller⌉ button on each product page to write down all your detailed needs and demands, the seller will respond you as soon as possible! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Sell-buy-online.com is a trade and opportunity platform along one belt one road countries. You can trade online, sell online, shop on smartphone in your language. It is also an easy sell and buy online platform. As a seller, no matter where you are, you can sell anything to almost anywhere in the world even on your mobile phone! As a buyer, no matter where you are, you can buy almost anything from any vendors in the world just by your mobile phone! We’re devoted to making your selling and buying much easier and more convenient. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for both our customers and vendors.

You can sell online, buy online, shop online, shop on a cell phone, shop on mobile/smartphone in your own language. You can also sell used stuff and second-hand goods worldwide, of course, you can buy used stuff and second-hand goods worldwide in your own language. Surely, you can almost sell anything here, including selling your car, even selling your house if you want!

You can choose your own language on the top left bar when you sell or buy, about 90% precise translation will show up by just a click, the rest around 10% translation needs your modification, by the way, you can understand the general meaning of the product information. But so far it’s only available on PC (Personal Computer), not available on a cell phone yet, sorry for the inconvenience.

You can use the right sidebar Currency Converter (on page bottom) to calculate how much it is for your country’s currency (It will show up on the right sidebar on PC, but on the below area on cell phone). You can also apply the International Clothing Size Converter shown on the footer by just a click to see how much size you need to buy when you place an order of all kinds of clothing, shoes and rings.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Or, you can directly email to us at hot_li@yeah.net 

Sell-buy-online.com Team